Friday, November 11, 2011

The Adjustment

The Adjustment
by Scott Phillips
2011 Counterpoint
Rating: 3/5

     As far as I am concerned, Scott Phillips has yet to turn out a bad book. The Adjustment is my least favorite of his titles so far, but I still had a hell of a time reading it. All of his book are dark and the characters pretty unlikable, but I still root for them. Publisher's Weekly says; "The author's unapologetic depiction of a thoroughly bad egg will appeal to hard-boiled fans who don't need redeeming features to become engaged with a character."
     Wayne Ogden has returned from to Wichita, Kansas from being a supply sergeant in the Quartermaster Corps. He is trying to fit back into regular life in after blackmarketeering and pimping across the European Theater during WWII. Now he is the bagman and fixer for the head of Collins Aircraft.
     Phillips has a sick sense of humor and a real talent for creating characters from way on the wrong side of the tracks. Wayne Ogden has appeared as a supporting character in The Walkaway, and his story is also tied into The Ice Harvest. Just a  note, Phillips' Cottonwood is one of the most twisted books I have ever read, a Western fiilled with sex drugs, serial killers, and one hell of a tornado.

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