Sunday, October 9, 2011

Death In the City of Light

Death In the City of Light
by David King
2011 Crown Publishing (Advance copy from Publisher)
Rating 3/5

     An interesting, but slow story or Marcel Petoit, a French doctor that killed 60+ people in Paris during World War II. David King tries to emulate "The Devil In the White City", but this story is just not as fascinating.
     Petoit was a doctor, a mayor, and even elected as a representative for his district before the war. Once the war started he lured in victims, many of them Jewish, by claiming he could help them escape the Nazi occupiers. He would get them alone, kill them, and take all their possessions. The book gives a good overview of Paris under the German, populated with stories of Picasso, Sartre, and Camus, but the story of Petoit himself moves rather slowly.

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